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IRS Admitted That 350000 Dubitable Tax Files on the Dead Were Filed Claiming Falsely Refunds

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IRS Admitted That 350000 Dubitable Tax Files on the Dead Were Filed Claiming Falsely Refunds

IRS Admitted That 350000 Dubitable Tax Files on the Dead Were Filed Claiming Falsely Refunds

Thieves are stealing the identity of children and also others. IRS officials in response to an investigation (ongoing) of Scripps Howard News Service, did something they have never done before - revealed the awesome volume of the issue. About 350,000 dubitable tax files on the dead were filed in the current tax season claiming falsely refunds up to $1.25 billion.
One of the victims is Pamela DeVille of Lafayette. After the death of her thirteen year daughter, Alayiah, life had become unbearable for her. The unfortunate girl died after suffering a nasty fall from the stairs. When the time came for DeVille to file her return after three months, it was rejected by IRS; a claim had already been made on the teen being a dependent. DeVille failed to understand how the child's SSN had been found. Later she came to know that the as per rules the federal government posts it on many websites. Unfortunately there is no law prohibiting this practice.
Nina Olson of consumer watchdog (IRS) said, "It is frankly appalling". It tantamount to the federal government aiding and abetting identity theft relating to tax fraud by publishing full details of Social Security Numbers. Olson felt that action should be taken by the Congress.
The officials of SSN also admitted that the records released were often misused. At the root was the order of a federal court going back more than three decades. It stopped the fixing of this lacuna.
Makr Hinkle speaking for SSN said, "It is tragic that unscrupulous individual use the public DMF (Death Master File) to commit tax fraud. But our hands are tied, however, and change will only happen if Congress acts".
The world's largest website on genealogy is . Its representatives together with those from (Mormon) both supported the system of posing on the web the details of SSN. They contended that they were only publishing what the federal government has already released.
But many officials of the government apart from the victims and privacy organizations said some steps should be taken so that SSN are not easily accessible. Among the suggestions was controlled used of DMF, delaying release of information or publishing only part of the number. The IRS did not make any comments as the federal law bans them from saying anything about specific instances.
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